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My name is Michael Morrow. The Lord saved me in 1967 and I married the girl of my dreams     in 1971. Susan and I have three children and five grandchildren. I am pastor of the Lord’s church known as Union Baptist Church in Crittenden Co. Kentucky. Below is a little information about the church.

Union Baptist Church had its beginnings in 1810. Though our Statement of Faith has undergone slight updates, we still maintain the warm dedication to evangelism and commitment to the sovereignty of God as our forebears. We desire to preach the Gospel to every creature in obedience to the command of Christ, while realizing that any success therein is only by the pure grace of God. We glory in Him and in His great Name.

My contact information is:

Michael Morrow, 173 Levias Rd. Marion, KY 42064

My phone # is 270-704-3464.

You can email me at


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